Making Things for Other People

I made a knife and it is beautiful.

The knife was meant to be carried by a friend. I knew that before building it. It has been a challenging build, fulfilling but challenging. Each step I thought of my friend, how she would hold it, use it, what it would feel like in her hands.

Ingredients: steel, lacewood, gold and love

When it comes to making things, I started noticing a pattern: I archive the best outcome, when a project is meant to be given away and more precisely, when I know to whom it’s going. I don’t get sloppy.

There’s a point in a project – in each day, really – when I get tired and my lazy mind seduces me to cut a corner, skip a step. And I’ll do it, happily.

The purpose has always been to make, enjoy the process, never mind the outcome. Yet, once I see value beyond a project’s life in my hands, it gets harder to argue against perfection. Suddenly, it needs to be as perfect as I can make it. It begs for my full attention and care and all the patience I can muster.

In such case I impart my love soul into the object.

That’s the goal but here’s the challenge: How do I build with affection no matter where the object is going after I finish building? Can I find it in me to build with love no matter what?

For a closer look at the knife, head to the portfolio.