Hand Tool Illustration

Drawing tools in ink on paper.

As part of a drawing class at my college I illustrated a couple of posters. Each portraits a set of my hand tools.

I drew these in the scale of 1:1 on 300 g/m² sheets of DIN A2 paper.

I measured out each tool with my vernier calipers – another useful tool – and sketched the outline with pencil. After I was happy with the result I inked the illustrations with three sizes of Sakura Micron fine liners, Numbers 08, 04 and 02.

Leather Craft Tools

Shown is my set of leather working tools. The tools help me lay out, cut, stitch and finish any leather project I set out to build.

Wood Carving Tools

This poster illustrates my carving tools for marking out, cutting, chopping and shaping and a handful of knifes for fine and finishing work.