Clean Bathroom

Common tricks to keep the bathroom clean don’t work.

Scheduling cleanup for a specific day of the week. Intending to clean it once it feels dirty. None of these ever worked for me.

When I plan to clean the bathroom on Mondays, I remember Monday evening and push it to Tuesday. On Tuesday I forget. When I plan to clean the bathroom once it looks dirty, it stays dirty for a week before I get to clean it.

The following is not an original idea but here is what I’ve been doing for the past week

Keep cleaning detergent and a cloth in the bathroom. Before the daily shower spray and wipe down the toilet. While in the shower clean surfaces and appliances. After shavin – which involves a hairy mess going everywhere – spray and wipe down the sink.

It takes less than a minute and the bathroom has been almost spotless ever since.

I find myself doing a smilar routine in the workshop. Before leaving the space I put back my tools to where they belong, clear any surfaces and sweep the floor. This gets me excited to return the next day – or from lunch – with a clear mind to a tidy shop.