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Color Palette 2020

These are the brand colors I use on this site and elsewhere.

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Human Proportions

As I was researching proportions of the human body I stumbled upon this interactive resource.

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Only One Dot Different

The similarities between Taiji Quan 太極拳 and Baji Quan 八極拳 explained by Master Adm Hsu – The Martial Man

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New Year’s Resolution 2020

My new year’s resolution for 2019 was learning to do the splits — as in drop down to the floor while keeping the legs extended.

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2020, Almost

We’re an hour away from welcoming the new year and a new decade.

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Chill instead of Skill

Danny Veekens of The Find Magazine on the demise of music genres and the rise of moods and activities based music selection.

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Forging Class

Results of my first ever forging experience.

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Costa Rica 2017

While on a three months martial arts retreat, I had a few hours downtime each afternoon.

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Nik makes a Japanese toolbox for trumpet mouthpieces

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Lunch break.

Leaning on a horse’s back, bedded on shavings.

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Waxed And Waiting

I’m aware this is “just another box”. Yet, I built it with my own hands.

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