2020, Almost

We’re an hour away from welcoming the new year and a new decade.

Update: Absolutely nothing of what you’ll read below has come to fruition. I’ll muster up the confidence to write a follow up, eventually.

As I’m lounging on the bed and swipe through my news feed — because that’s what you do on New Year’s Eve — seemingly everyone had just posted an article titled What I Did In 2019 or some such.

I don’t seem to have achieved much the past year to speak of (publicly). I had started and finished a hand full of woodworking projects and learned a lot but nothing to write home about. This part of my life is still to shake out.

It would have been an unspectacular year, if not for that one circumstance that might shape the rest of my days: I fell in love for the second time in my life. And I fell in love with the same girl I fell in love with for the first time in my life.

Until three months ago, we hadn’t seen each other for three years. This is a story for another day. I only mention it, because it accompanies us to the meat of the potatoes.

Here are my plans, my ideas, here is my focus for 2020:

boy wrapped in Canada flag

Sorta move to Canada to live and create a life with my partner

I say sorta, not because I’m not sold on the idea but because I’ll technically be a tourist for the time being.

I’ve been living the life of a nomad for half of the decade, my partner likes her freedom and we are consciously taking it slow. But mostly we don’t want to bother with all that bureaucracy at this time.

I won’t be taking on any jobs in Canada and I will be leaving the country before my visa runs out. — just in case you were wondering.

Build a career for myself that doesn’t involve being employed

That’ll be interesting. Hopefully, I have more to say about this in the future.

Build a cozy place to live in

We’ll have a gorgeous space available to us for the time being but it’s not genuinely ours and we’d like to create our own.

We won’t be building a house or anything that grandiose but rather work on ideas on what a comfortable and most importantly private living space for us could look like. More on that after the ice melts, maybe.

Help my partner live her dream

She recently started a business of her own which I’m super excited about.

It’s hers and I want it to stay that way but help to the best of my ability. And I can’t think of anything more valuable to do then helping a loved one realize their dreams.

2020 marks not just a new chapter but a new part of my life. I hope I’ll have the strength to cruise through it smiling and meet every challenge with an adventurous mind.

I’m grateful I found a person I can share this time with and who’s dreams align with mine. Needles to say, this won’t just be another year.